Like to join us at TBSC..?

If you are thinking of joining us, well that's great. You can always use the Contact Us form to make some enquiries, but why not come down for a visit one Sunday.We'd love to show you around our club, have a chat and hopefully answer any questions that you might have. We are only a small, but very friendly club, so are generally only open when some sailing is going on, and that usually means on a Sunday. Best check on the 'Sailing Rota' which you can find under the 'On the Water' menu, to make sure your journey won't be wasted..

And don't worry, if you do join, you don't have to take part in the racing. You can just have a leisurely sail about, but we bet you will join in once you've tried it..!! But the club has no staff and we are run entirely by volunteers to the benefit of all members, so everyone is asked to cover a small number of duties to kee things running.

In addition to the usual "sailor(s) with their own boat" type of memberships, we now have 2 other types:

  • SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP:- Which allows you to use the clubhouse facilities, but only when sailing is going on, because unlike full members you don't get a club key. You also don't get a vote at any club meetings.
  • CLUB BOAT MEMBERSHIP:- This is to allow people who don't have, or want, to buy their own boat (i.e. newbies who might not know what type of boat to buy), to still join and sail. Basically you pay for the level of membership you require (family, couple, single, etc) plus you pay a notional £75 (boat parking fee). Except you don't have a boat to park, so this actually covers free use of any of the club dinghies throughout the season (normally £10 per day!). Although there are a couple of conditions: -
    • Priority to club boat use is given to Training use during Taster and Course days.
    • Club boats can ONLY be used when the Support Boat is on duty. So you cannot go for a sail on your own.
    • This arrangement does NOT apply to the new RSCAT16 for which a fee of £25 per session currently applies. (A suitable annual deal is being planned).

In the panel below you'll see the various membership costs. If all of this has left your appetite wetted, and you'd like to join us, then why not grab an Application Form and get things started?

If you'd like to print off the form, fill it in by hand and send it in, then print off this PDF version and send it to the address on the form. pdf logo Application Form  If you can't open PDF documents, then use the Excel version below.

Also if you'd rather do it all online, then download this Excel version, update it on your PC/Laptop, etc, then email the updated copy of it to excel logo Application Form

On both versions, if you're a new member don't forget to get two members to 'propose' you, then send it in...

Click on the big blue button at the end of this text to open the form. You can either print off a copy and post it to the address on the form. Or download and save a copy to your PC/Laptop, update it and email it to excel logo Application Form

Membership & Storage Fees

N.B.Membership fees will all rise by £5 from April 1st 2016.

Membership LevelCost per year
Joining fee - one-off fee of £35 ------
(Note: This is payable each year if annual fees are not paid on time)
Family - all children up to 17 (full time students up to 21)£168.00
Single - aged 18 and over£147.00
Cadet - aged 12 to 17 (extended to 21 if in higher education)£47.00
Junior Cadet - aged 8 to 11£47.00
Social Memberships (access to club on sailing days only)
(Note: Joining fee does not apply to Social Members)
Single - aged 18 and over£21.00
Family or Couple£32.00
Boat StorageCost per year
Monohull - on boat park£47.00
Monohull - on rack£42.00
Boards & Canoes£47.00
Club Boat Membership£75.00
Note: Fees are based on a 7 month sailing season. Pro rata reductions apply from 1 June annually (see link below for those prices).
Joining fee, social memberships and Club Boat Membership charges are fixed charges per season or part thereof.

If you're joining later in the year (from June onwards) then click here for the pro-rata prices.