TBSC Kids and Parents Club

Anyone like to join a TBSC Kids and Parents Club

Because with all of the new family members that have recently joined, we think there might be a demand for a Kids and Parents Club at Tankerton Bay..??
Having chatted to various new family members, one issue that kept being raised was how to bring on the new child, or “cadet” members? Some already have a little experience, but just as many may have none at all. But one thing they have in common is that, being children, they need to be looked after whilst sailing on the open seas!
One option that has been suggested, and did get positive responses from the mums and dads, was the idea of a Tankerton Bay Kids and Parents Club. There are lots of details that need to be worked out, but the basic idea would be that for each child in the club, a parent would also need to be involved to help support the kids, so that there are enough adults to keep the kids supported and safe. Whether that be driving a support boat, helping to launch and recover the dinghies, or just manning the club bar….
There may be a need for some training for the parents before this can work and hopefully become self sufficient, but there’s also the possibility that there are mums and dads out there with RIB driving skills, or enough sailing ability to help the kids to improve their sailing skills.
So the first thing we need to do is find out if there is enough interest out there to get this off the ground.

Can we ask that everyone interested in joining a TBSC Kids and Parents Club, please register yours and your child’s details via this link. (N.B.) Even those who have already spoken to one of the committee members about this previously, please enter your details, so that we have all of the details in one place.