At TBSC we encourage a variety of dinghy & catamaran classes including Dart 18, Dart 15, Hurricane 4.9, Scorpion, Laser & Topper, etc. The waters are such that when the tides are at favourable times we can sail for over 6 hours per day on probably the best sailing water on the North Kent Coast!

The Sailing Season...

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The sailing season usually runs between mid March through to late October, or very early November.

In a regular season we have competitive racing on most Sundays (except for those Sundays given over to Practise/Taster days) as well as on the various Bank Holiday days and depending on tides have as many as 4 races in each day. So the regular season usually consists of approximately 90 races per year, all run under the RYA handicap system in order to give every class or type of boat a chance of success!
Members of the club also take part in races organised by other local clubs. Such as the Tankerton Slopes Regatta Race, the Isle of Sheppey "Round the Island Race", the Forts Race and lastly the WYC "Whitstable Week".

For new members still learning to sail, as well as current members who are either not keen on racing, or just looking to improve their sailing skills, we now hold a regular "Practise/Taster Day" on roughly one Sunday per month. There are also a small number of "Saturday Free Sailing" days which are, as the name suggests, days when members can come sailing knowing that they won't be the only ones on the water. (See "Sailing Rota" for dates/times).

The Various Race Series...

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Throughout the season we have various regular Race Series, all of which usually consist of twelve races scheduled across four Sundays. Four of these Race Series' are called the Easter, Tankerton, Commodore and Autumn Series'. All of the races in these series' are scheduled to last at least 30mins each and are all 'mixed handicap' races, with dinghy's and catamaran's racing together. The RYA Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system is used, so that, no matter how fast, or slow they are, the best boat on the day should be the eventual winner!!

The clubs 'Blue Riband' series is the Slavery Series, which is arranged similarly to those above and is a mixed handicap series. But because it's the most sought after trophy in the club, the races in this series are scheduled to take at least one hour each, with only 2 races scheduled per race day.

Then we have the Summer Series, which is the first series where the catamarans and dinghy's are raced as separate classes in separate races. But although they are in separate races, their courses may overlap, or be shared, making for some very interesting situations during the racing..!!

Scattered throughout the season, on various Sundays where tide times are not particularly favourable, we schedule a long distance race of at least 1.5hrs. These are also raced separately, with the catamaran courses heading out to more distant points, like 'Street End Buoy' (2miles offshore!) & Herne Bay Pier!!

Lastly, whenever possible we schedule special races, such as the annual Pursuit Race. Something else that has proven to be popular is on the August Bank Holiday. We arrange a "Family Fun Day", where we have a BBQ and invite family, guests, or any other non-sailors to come down and 'go for a ride along', so they can see what this sailing lark is all about...!!