Do either of these describe you...

  • ...Complete beginner who would like to come sailing, but have never done it before?
  • ...Former sailor, hasn't sailed for a while, but wants to get back to sailing?

Then why not come to one of our new "1-day Taster/Joyride Open Days"
(See "Sailing Rota" for specific dates/times).

picture of taster daypicture of taster day

Joyride/Taster 'Open' Days
We have 3 of these scheduled throughout the year, 1 each in May, June & July, and how they work is that you are allowed to attend up to ALL 3 of them for FREE. If after those 3 (although we suspect you will be hooked after just 1 session!) you're still keen to sail, then you would need to join the club and if you still don't have your own equipment and are using club equipment (boats, etc) then you would also need to pay the nominal hiring fees for them, just like existing club members do.

As the name suggests, they consist of 'Joyrides', where you go out with one of our experienced helms, who will give you some idea of what sailing is all about. For the total beginner, this should give you a great insight into a sport that we know will leave you thinking why had you left it so long to try! And for the former sailor who is feeling a bit rusty, it should help you remember those old skills! If you are still feeling undecided and would like to, you can always attend another session, hence the "3 for FREE". But these are only short sessions, so if you really want to learn to continue, why not join the club and come sailing with us every week, then those cobwebs will soon be blown away!

The first of these days, on May 14th is also 'PUSH THE BOAT OUT' day, which is an RYA supported, countrywide sailing club 'Open Day'. We expect it to be extra busy and hope to have lots of fun events going on that day, so book your space early!
Also on that day, as most likely will be the case with the other "Open Days" as well as 'Joyrides' we will also be running an RYA 'Training Course', based on the beach just in front of the club, where qualified RYA Instructors will be teaching beginners how to sail. If this takes your fancy on the day, or if you know you already want to attend training, then have a look at our Training page for more info.

Please bear in mind for all of these types of event, because we are a relatively small club, we only have a limited number of members to help at any one time. Also, being on the coast means that we are particularly subject to the unpredictability of the British weather!