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Learn to sail a catamaran


Ever fancied the speed and power of sailing a catamaran, then come on a 1 day ‘cat-conversion course’ to learn the particular skills needed to manage one of these flying machines.         

The course is carried out on board our club RS16 catamaran with the safety boat standing by. You will need to be able to sail to the Dinghy level 2 standard to take this conversion course*.

Course content summary:

Rigging a Catamaran and handling ashore

Launching and landing a multihull

Powering up and de-powering

Sailing to best effect, sail and course setting and weight distribution.


Capsize and man overboard recovery


Cost: £220 for up to 2 people plus £10 boat hire

Member price: £200 for up to 2 members plus £10 boat hire for non 'Club Boat Members'


If you are a beginner wanting to learn on a catamaran then we may be able to arrange an RYA Level 1 catamaran course for you over 2 days at £395 for 1-2-1 instruction or £220 per person for 2 people.

Member price: £280 for 1-2-1 instruction or £180 per person for 2 people.


Not sure whether catamaran sailing is for you? Why not book on one of our popular 'Sailing Variety Days'

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