Tankerton Bay Sailing Club - Kent

On the water

Where we sail

Club Sailing takes place on most weekends and thursday evenings from March to November. Racing occurs on most Sundays and some saturdays, with the more relaxed cruises, free sails and worksho events occuring on the Saturdays and Thursdays. For more details refer to our Sailing Calendar and Sailing Calendar Notes.

Races are run under the prevailing Racing Rules of Sailing (insert link to RRS), modified  supplemented by Sailing Instructions 

Courses are normally set from a fixed start/finish line laid S>Nfrom the race control tower, using a combination of fixed and temporary race marks and in an area bounded by ‘Whitstable Street’ (W) and Long Rock (E).  The sailing area is open to the North with a steep shoreline to the South (insert link to chartlet).

What we sail

Races are open to all classes of dinghies and small (>7m) multihulls.  Most racing is on handicap, using a combination of RYA Portsmouth Yardstick and SCHRS PY lookalikes, together with some local variations.  Handicaps are reviewed annually by the Sailing Committee.

Cruising and Fun

Just in case racing is not enough fun for you, there is also the opportunity to join in club cruises.

The club arranges cruises in company on Saturdays in summer months, open to all ages and abilities. The clubhouse will be open and there may even be a barbecue.

Informal cruising is available most Thursdays throughout the summer, usually arranged by members through WhatsApp. NOTE there is no likelihood of support boat cover for informal cruising so if you are less experienced you may want to arrange to accompany a more experienced sailor or, at least, choose only to sail in conditions that suit you.

Hire Boats

The club has a fleet of boats for hire to members if you don’t have a boat of your own or want to try a different one.  For details of the current fleet and hire charges, pleae refer to the club boat hire pages.  Hire boats are normally available for any club-organised event; racing or cruising, unless the Training Centre is using them.  Always book in advance by email to the Duty Manager.

2019 Sailing Calendar - issue 1

2019 Sailing Calendar Notes

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